Review of Gomez Peer – Get Paid to do almost nothing !

I started using Gomez Peer software six months back. Gomez Peer pays you if you let it use your processor for distributed computing. Imagine telling your friends that your computer earns money while you are sleeping! It could happen if you are selected to be an Active Gomez PEER in the Gomez PEER Community.

BNibbles has said something very interesting about this program on his review which goes like this:–

“Two things about it appealed to me, the first being that it was a means of earning a bit more money from the Internet, without writing anything (except this) without reading any tedious e-mails or being ‘paid-to-surf’ or shopping from a limited list of retailers, and without – well – without having to do very much at all except turn your PC on, and use the Internet. Perhaps they should call this ‘paid-not-to-surf’!.”

“That’s great! What do I have to do?”
Follow these four easy steps.

1. Complete the online application form here.
Gomez will be selecting a diverse group of Peers and pay them for their processing time. Right now, Gomez is looking for users from all over the world with different Internet connection types, including dial-up and broadband users. Gomez will review your application within 14 business days and notify you of your Account Status via e-mail.

2. Download the PEER software.
After you sign up with Gomez Peer, download the peer software and start running it. As there are only a limited number of slots available in the PEER Community, Gomez will not activate everyone. So be sure to apply, download and start running the Gomez PEER today, because users with the most system activity will get activated.

3. Install, setup and run the software.
Unless you install, setup and run Gomez PEER, they will not activate your account. Be sure that your Gomez PEER is running every time you are online. After Gomez recognizes that your PC is running the PEER, Gomez will designate you in one of the three categories: Active, Pending, or Inactive. The user interface of the software will indicate your Account Status.

4. Register for a PayPal account.
Every month, Gomez will distribute cash earned by Active Gomez Peers using its online payment partner PayPal. Please register with PayPal if you do not have an account with them.

Gomez PEER runs in the background of your computer, processing work that is assigned to it by Gomez servers – all without you having to tell it what to do!

“AWESOME! Sign me up!”
Click here to begin the application and download process. Gomez does not track YOUR Internet usage. Gomez is a respected company with a clear ‘no spy-ware, no spam’ policy. Gomez PEER is spyware and virus free.

Another thing good about it is the ‘cottage industry’ aspect of getting PCs from all over the world to perform a common function, with a combined computing power that, singly, would be impossible to attempt. Gomez allows for several machines to be channeled into one income stream, all you have to do is download the Peer software onto each machine and make sure that they have different names – a Windows home network will have these anyway.

Just one word of advice. Make sure that the e-mail address that you give to Gomez during the sign-up process is the same one that you use for your PayPal account, as this is how they identify to whom to send the money!

Special note: After you install the software they provide, if you have a slow Internet connection, the software would take about 20-30 minutes to initialize when you run it for the first time. So have patience after you double click the software icon on the system tray for the first time after you install it. Gomez will initially put you in Pending status. Your earnings don’t increase much when your status is pending. You will see a sharp increase in your earnings as your status becomes active from pending. It can take from 2 days to 2 weeks for you to get accepted by Gomez, i.e for your status to change from pending to active.

Update: A lot of people have mailed me asking how they can cheat Gomez peer. I have only one reply for them and that’s I don’t know about any Gomez Peer cheat. And I have a piece of advice for them instead – Don’t try to increase your earnings by cheating Gomez peer or any other programs because that will only be momentary and most probably you will get caught and you will loose a source of your earnings. Try referring others to Gomez peer, they give you $2 per every referral you make who become an active peer. And if you cannot make referrals, ask your friends to run the software on your behalf as Gomez allows for several machines to be channeled into one income stream.

Update: Gomez Peer has stopped paying through MoneyBookers and Alipay, you now need to have an account with PayPal to receive your earnings. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE LIST OF COUNTRIES APPROVED BY PAYPAL. A send only PayPal account is going to do you no good as you won’t be able to receive your earnings.

Here’s the sign up link once again.

  • leather gun commando

    bro and how much will i earn if i become a serious user of gomez pair???

  • Ghatozkat

    Hey, nice nick there ! Firstly, it’s not gomez pair, it’s peer. You can earn a maximum of 45 dollars per month from Gomez peer. It’s not that bad, is it? The thing is you are getting 45 dollars for doing nothing. Install the peer software and you don’t have to care about anything other than receiving your money.

  • Crossingjew

    Hello, I am a teacher of English in China, and I am interested in getting started with the Gomez Peer program. I have a problem: since when has the Gomez Peer Program run and is it trustworthy enough to last long?
    PS: I have already signed up and my status is still pending. I really appreciate such useful information you share at this website.Thanks again.
    Looking forward to your help.

  • Ghatozkat

    Gomez Peer is trustworthy. It does not contain any spywares. I have been using Gomez Peer for 1 and half years now and have always been paid on time. I actually bought 3 years of web hosting from the money I received from Gomez Peer. Lately after Gomez Peer changed their payment processor to PayPal, I am not using it as I cannot use PayPal in my country.
    So, your status is pending? Don’t worry. It can take from 2 days to 2 weeks for you to get accepted by Gomez, i.e for your status to change from pending to active. After that, Gomez Peer will become a passive source of income for you.
    Remember to increase your referrals to increase your earnings.

  • Jagadish

    Hi, Does gomez peer use the internet too much? For example, I using a limited internet connection of download limit to 4 GB. If I install it in 10 machines in the same network, will the usage shoot up to more than 30 GB? Can you please explain me? Thanks in advance.

  • Ghatozkat

    What my experience tells is, you shouldn’t be worried about Gomez peer using so much of your precious limited bandwidth even if you install it in 10 machines. I have never seen Gomez peer actively using a big chunk of my bandwidth. The thing is Gomez Peer does not continually suck bandwidth, i.e. Gomez Peer is not always working, most of the time it’s idle, so I don’t think you should be worried about any serious bandwidth problem.
    By the way Jagadish, installing Gomez Peer on 10 machines is a very nice idea and should boost your income to a good level. Good luck !
    Just curious about how do you regularly use 10 computers with a 4 GB download limit connection? I suppose that limit is a monthly limit, or is it a daily limit?

  • Jagadish

    Hi Ghatozkat, Very happy on your reply.
    In my office, we are using a 4GB monthly download limit connection from VSNL in Chennai, India. This month we have received a bill for INR 60,000 of upload and download size upto 59GB, i.e. an average of 2GB per day. I was surprised and shocked to see that. I am feeling relieved after seeing your mail.
    I installed GomezPeer in 10 Sys and am earning around 10$ per month by now. After seeing the enormous bill, I have uninstalled it in all machines. I dont know whether somebody will be downloading movies or music daily to shootup the bandwidth.
    But, when I went through GomezPEER’s documentation, it was stated that it will be visiting number of sites from our machine silently and all those visits will be displayed in the firewall log too.
    Ghat! can you please explain what really has gone wrong? Thank you vey much for your prompt reply.

  • blairestorm

    I dont see any slow down off my computer for how many month that I am using gomez maybe some other computer of your has a bug or virus that keep on controling other program

  • crossingjew

    I’m only too much moved by your earnest concern for my problem. Anyhow, I still have a problem. It was about one and half months ago that I signed up Gomez Peer, but up till now, I am still a pending peer. I am a little discouraged. Am I still allowed an opportunity to turn active or not? Maybe there are too many active peers in my country with my type of processors, internet provider and things like that.
    Thank you all the same.
    Yours sincerely
    Crossing Jew

  • haraGADygyl

    Since when Gomez are not paying to Moneybookers accounts? Moneybookers is still listed in Gomez web site as a payment option.

  • Ghatozkat

    Since about 3 months. I don’t see Moneybookers still listed in Gomez peer web site as a payment option. Can you provide us with a link?

  • Artur

    hey I have just joined and have been waiting the the past 12 hours for gomez to initialise….whats wrong?

  • Ghatozkat

    Nothing’s wrong Arthur. Looks like you didn’t read my post properly. :-)

    After you install the software they provide, if you have a slow Internet connection, the software would take about 20-30 minutes to initialize when you run it for the first time. So have patience after you double click the software icon on the system tray for the first time after you install it. Gomez will initially put you in Pending status.

  • subash

    Hmmmm. Thats a great idea to earn money. i will try this programme thanks for your help by writing this article.

  • Irvin

    I dont know why but my brother used it his, total time was 35000 mins and 600 processed time. but still not activted.

  • Irvin

    Im currently re using the peer.. i dont know why but suddenly the ratio of Online time and processtime is highier,

    im currently on 5000 mins to 218 processed time.

  • izam

    I’m gomez user too, but since I join last month til now my status still pending, I start frustrated with that, how to make gomez account active, please explain, thanks

  • Prasanna Kumar Rout

    I have one doubt.I have no referal and everyday i stay 24hrs active in Gomezpeer how much I’ll earn per day?Kindly clear my doubt

  • knaresh

    the concept is good but the earning processing is too slow i installed this 5days back and i’m a active peer but the earning is too slow..i didnt understand abt this earning system currently my online tym is 3120 and processing tym is 89..can anybody tell me wt is the actual procedure??

  • Didier

    To a GOMEZ PEER’s….

    I’m more then 3 months PEER….and my status still “Pending”!
    I’ve send maybe 10 contact mails but ALL without any reaction!
    Have somebody of you better experiences!
    Pease contact me


  • SkyShadow

    I have 23,070 Online mins and 425 Processing mins and sill PENDING. But i built up a WHOPPING $0.35!!!!

    Starting to anger me.
    or is it?

  • ashwin

    hi ..
    i have registered to gomez peer may be 5 days back , but status is showing pending … can any one tell me when i would get verified and are there any indian users for this program thanks

  • Billy

    Everyone just needs to chill it will happen!