PickyDomains.com, Get Paid to suggest domain names

pickydomains PickyDomains.com is an amazing program that pays registered contributors to suggest domain names. This is like a “domain dating service” where guys are not trying to find hot chicks but webmasters are trying to find cool domain names. And you can be the middleman and instead of saying, “Oh i know that gal, you can try her”, you say, “Oh i can think of a domain name for you, here it is”. All in all, PickyDomains.com provides a one of its kind way to make cash online.

PickyDomains has two kinds of users, clients and contributors. The clients pay to get suggestions for domain names and the contributors get paid for suggesting domain names. The clients need to deposit $50 upfront and give PickyDomains their specifications. After that the contributors will submit their domain name suggestions. When the client sees the perfect domain name that he has been looking for, he registers the domain name and when he does so, the contributor whose suggested domain name was picked by the client gets $25 out of the $50, the client had deposited earlier. Payment is made only via PayPal.

Here’s the link to join PickyDomains.

  • Mo

    I just wanted to point out that there is a very similar site out there called http://www.demandyourdomain.com. As well as domain name suggestions, you can request and offer logo suggestions. The site is brand new so there is not much traffic, but we are hoping traffic will increase in the near future. We assure all contributors that they will be paid for their services. We are here to run a trustworthy business and hope to build a large clientele. Please, check it out and let us know if you have any issues!

  • Fahim

    thanks for the sites info Ghatozkat. I didn’t have any idea that people can spend money just for the suggestion of domain names.