Earn money from AlertPay Referral Program

Here’s a bold statement from the AlertPay website:

AlertPay wants to pay YOU! As AlertPay continues to grow, we believe in rewarding our loyal AlertPay community for helping in that growth. When you refer someone to AlertPay, making it their way to pay, we will reward you with deposits to your AlertPay account. This money can be used to do anything you like – transferred or withdrawn. It’s our way of thanking for your good work. REFER A FRIEND AND GET PAID UPTO $10 PER REFERRAL. When you make AlertPay your friend’s way to pay to online, we’ll pay you $5.00. But it gets even better, when you refer more then 10 friends to AlertPay, we’ll begin to pay you $10 for each referral after your 10th!.

AlertPayBanner So guys, AlertPay pays you $5 for every referral you bring to AlertPay, and after your referral count exceeds 10, you will get $10 for every referral you bring to AlertPay. Now, I sensed earning opportunity in that statement, what about you?

What are the conditions?

In order to receive your referral bonus, your referral must fulfill the following requirements:

1) Create an AlertPay Personal Pro or Business account.
2) Transact at least $250.00 (sending and/or receiving) through their AlertPay account.

AlertPay provides 3 types of accounts:

  • Personal Starter – Sending and Receiving is FREE, Monthly receiving limit is $400, Cumulative yearly receiving limit is $2000. Credit cards cannot be used to receive funds.
  • Personal Pro – Low receiving fee of 2.5% + $0.25 per transaction, No sending and receiving limits.
  • Business – Has all the features of Personal Pro, also has some extra business tools included.

Previously I thought the two conditions make this offer a not so lucrative one, but then I realized those 2 conditions are not that hard to meet. I’ll explain to you why.

Now, anyone whom you refer to AlertPay does not sign up with AlertPay for fun, he/she signs up with AlertPay so as to complete some online transactions. Hence, some day or the other, however late it might be, there’s a high chance that your referral might need to transact in excess of $2000 per year and whenever your referral needs to do that, he/she will need to upgrade (to a Personal Pro or Business account from Personal Starter account), and when he/she upgrades (for free), and sends or receives $250 or more, you will get your $5 or $10, $5 if the referral is one of your first 10 referrals, else $10.

I recently got $5 from AlertPay as one of my referral upgraded and sent/received more than $250. I didn’t get $10 as he was one of my first 10 referrals. Here’s the proof of Payment.

So guys, if you also want to make some money from AlertPay Referral program, sign up with AlertPay and start promoting your referral link with banners that AlertPay supplies to your after you sign up. Good luck to you.

  • http://bangladesh-online-earning.blogspot.com Faraz

    Good post. But is it free to upgrade personal starter to personal pro?

  • http://www.someusefulinfo.com/ Ghatozkat

    Yes it’s free to upgrade from a personal starter account to a personal pro but after you upgrade, AlertPay will slash 2.50 % + $0.25 USD per every sum you receive into your account. Click here for more.

  • avatar

    Yes, one can earn money with AlertPay! Each time you refer someone to AlertPay, you could earn up to $10 USD. The more people you bring to AlertPay, the more they will reward you. Helping you earn more money — think of this as their way of saying thank you for joining alert pay ;sign up is free and easy.

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    Thanks for such a technical and useful information. Is there any fee to open business account ?

  • http://www.bomblogic.com/advertise traffic

    I recently started referring people to AlertPay too. I just wonder when I will get my first 5$ :P Very informative post about this :)

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  • Sakib Khan

    Dear friends please tell me— I registered on alertpay.com many days ago, but I could not take any money to my account. Many days ago I known about referral system of alertpay.com & after I referred 20 or more people under my link. But till now I did not get money from alertpay admin.
    So dears what can I get the money from there.
    Thanks to all.

  • http://scandicdollar.com/?id=borlis@live.com vertigo

    Your referrals must transit at least $250 on their account to get paid for them.

  • Cool Site

    Hi this is cool post i will refer people from my website thanks.

    is there any other site which pay for reference.

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    Alertpay is a good payment processor

    don’t delay , Just sign up!

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    alertpay is a good site . sign up, refer and make money