Review of AdBrite

Adbrite has gone out of business.

AdBrite is an Ad Network that provides publishers with various ways to monetize their website(s). AdBrite tries to sell publisher’s adspace for a flat rate and for the time the publisher’s adspace remains unsold, AdBrite will put CPC or CPM ads on the adspace depending upon the options the publisher has selected. Other Ad formats such as Inline Ads and BritePic Ads are also available. Generally, your adspace won’t get sold for a flat rate unless you are a large publisher with a substantial amount of traffic. That means AdBrite will most of the time act as a CPC Ad Network, much like Google AdSense.

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Review of Kontera – CPC Ad Network that does not take any space on your website

Kontera is CPC (Cost Per Click) contextual advertising network. But it’s different from other CPC advertising networks in the sense that rather than taking some precious spots on your blog/website, Kontera’s ContentLink technology will highlight texts on your page that match those from its advertising inventory. If the ContentLink locates any matches, those texts will appear as double-underlined links. When the reader hovers over a link, a small in-page pop-up will appear with the advertisement.

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Earn from WidgetBucks this shopping season

Sorry, WidgetBucks is DEAD now!

WidgetBucks is largely a CPC Advertising network that serves CPC ads related to products you choose like mp3 players, laptops, camcorders, digital cameras etc. The thing that makes WidgetBucks an ideal ad network to join at this time of the year is the fact that it’s shopping season now and as WidgetBucks serves product related ads, you can really gain a higher CTR (Click Through Rate) for the widgets now. The fact that WidgetBucks has introduced custom widgets for this shopping season also ensures a higher CTR. WidgetBucks is known to produce better results with product related web sites or blogs but as it’s holiday season now, other types of web sites and blogs can also get some really good CTR.

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Review of Google Adsense – CPC Ad Network

google adsense A person who is trying to make money online must know what Google Adsense is. It’s the biggest and by far the most popular CPC (Cost Per Click) Ad Network. These days, Google Adsense serves CPM Ads as well, so it’s not a CPC only Ad Network. Google Adsense is a fast and easy to use way for publishers of all sizes to display ads on their website and earn money. The program is free to join.

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