Review of AdWork Media – Content Locking Network

How can you earn?
AdWork Media is basically a content locking ad Network that pays you for the CPA offers completed by the visitors of your website to unlock the content of your website. In addition to this, AdWork Media can also be used as a CPA ad network and you can make money by generating leads for the advertisers of AdWork Media.
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JustCloud, Online Storage and Backup Service

Backing up data is very very important and if you are a blogger, it’s even more important. Today, we will talk about backing up your desktop files  (not the files on your web server) and review a file backup solution provider.

JustCloud is a relatively new online backup and storage solution provider. You need to download a desktop application to backup your files to Justcloud. Once the initial backup is complete, JustCloud will automatically save any changes to your files or backup any new files added. You can access your files at anytime from any device by logging on to the JustCloud online control panel. Continue reading

Capitals, Bold And Italics – When To Use Them And How To Avoid Overdoing It

Used correctly, bold text, underlining and capitals can all be highly effective. This is a technique you will often see employed on websites that are trying to sell something or get you to sign up. Here they will use capitals as emphasis to get you to really get involved in what you are reading, but sometimes to the discerning visitor this can risk coming across as cheap and desperate. Here, we will look at whether you should be using bold, italics and the like and how to avoid it coming off as manipulative.
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What Is Google Authorship?

Google Authorship is a way for you to link your published content on the web. It allows you to create a profile which is more likely to be seen on searches. What this does is help establish your credibility and get your content found on Google searches. It also protects your content to an extent from being plagiarized. Google will recognize you as being the original author of your content and give you credit for it.

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